Krugerrands have been the biggest selling bullion gold legal tender currency coin in the world since its inception in 1967.

Other countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia in particular have issued their own 1 oz gold coins. None of these however have been able to compete with the world wide popularity of the Krugerrand.

Bullion Krugerrands are minted exclusively by Rand Refinery under the auspices of the Chamber of Mines and supplied directly to authorized dealers. These bullion coins are subject to daily and sometimes even hourly fluctuations of the exchange rate and gold price. 

The South African Mint are the sole producers of proof Krugerrands in 1 oz and fractional individual coins as well as sets during the year of manufacture. A perfect example of the increased value of these limited edition proof Krugerrands can be observed with the current 50th anniversary Krugerrand edition.

Proof Krugerrands are only available from the South African Mint and approved dealers in the year of manufacture.